31 Mar 13
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Cat: Could we have a scene of my son and I coming to terms with my decision to free Jamie Lannister? Because I do feel guilty for acting behind his back but it is clear he would have been killed if I hadn’t sent him away with Brienne.

D&D: Well we’d love to, Cat, but we do have an obligation to the fans…

D&D: ….to show boobs. So we’re taking the 2 minutes that could have been devoted to Robb taking you aside to tell you he understands the reasons behind your actions but he has to keep up appearances of distancing himself from you for the sake of his bannarmen’s loyalty to show the 10,000th scene in Littlefinger’s brothel so an unnamed character can be topless and sexy

D&D: Enjoy your cell!

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    Fandom: Hahahah rational reasons behind Cat’s behavior you jokester.
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    Thank you for this post… and that is why not reading the books is a silly silly error
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