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I was just wondering when we were going to get you to jump in on some of the weird ideas floating around the VM fandom. I do love Logan and I ship L/V but sometimes that corner of the fandom makes me embarrassed for doing so. You're part of the small group that I count on to be in Veronica's (or Lilly's) corner and to call out the problematic aspects of Logan's character.

Is this about that Piz post? Yeah tbh I’m really hoping people will just get over their weird personal Piz thing, because I’m getting really tired of defending him. He’s not even my favorite character! He’s just a character who is not as awful as everyone likes to pretend he is.  I can’t even get a charge out of defending him like I do defending Lily or Veronica; it’s just the principle of the thing that annoys me.  I will probably touch more on this when i write up for the movie/book…

I keep meaning to write more about the movie/book and stuff but I’ve been constantly busy with school and work, so I’m probably not getting around to that for a while, even though I think I posted that I would like weeks ago :(

You should see some of the replies jaqofspades gets. There was one she just got today that was just so….cringeworthy it definitely made me feel embarrassed that I share a clubhouse with those types of people.

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Is it wrong I’m beyond amused by the response my post about Piz and the retconned ‘sex tape’ has gotten so far?



Who knew it would provoke such a pile on? I almost feel badly for Piz…except not really. He could have at least put his fucking arm around Veronica and told her the people she went to school with were assholes, instead of declaring Neptune a ‘hellmouth’ while he stood there gawping at a sexy video of himself on the big screen.

What is it with Veronica’s *perfect* boyfriends and them not giving her any consideration? First Duncan with the rape reveal, then Piz with the first time the not!sex tape was released, and then Piz AGAIN with the second time the now!sex tape was exposed.

WTF? Gotta love those sensitive guys, huh?

The thing is, I totally buy this kind of behavior from Duncan, because he was always a self-entitled, spoiled prick, but Piz actually was a nice guy (…and not just a Nice Guy TM, despite what the haters might claim. I actually think he was a decent person for the most part.).

I wonder why Rob made the choice to have him not comfort Veronica. I mean, I get why Piz chose the pacifist route both times - it was an effective way to contrast his personal life credo with both Logan and Veronica’s - but why no empathy?

I would imagine that empathy would be the only thing Piz could realistically bring to the table. If he couldn’t even muster that, then why was she with him in the first place?

And I say this as one of the five people who ships LoVe hardcore and actually likes Piz as a character.

I think part of Piz’s reaction is based on Veronica’s reaction. A pat on the back and a “Neptune High. What do you think so far?” isn’t exactly a response that is looking for any empathetic reaction more than “It actually does sit on a Hellmouth” (which, as a Buffy watcher, pretty much sums up all the people she went to school with basically being demons or demonically possessed - so assholes). I think Piz needs more guidance from Veronica in whether or not she needs comfort than other characters do, and I think Piz takes his queues from her in terms of what she wants from him or how she wants him to respond to the situation. The fact that she was blasé about it seemingly indicated to him that being too cool for school is how she wanted it handled - that she didn’t want to give anyone in the crowd any indication that this bothered her whatsoever.

I do wonder about several things - and I think one of the issues is that the scene is too long, in terms of time and the moving parts present. Why is Piz standing there gawping at the screen? I can kind of answer that one by saying, “This isn’t his high school, he’s been taken off guard, and he’s not sure who the baddies are”. But Wallace raced out of there like hell itself was nipping at his heels, and it still took him forever and a day to get to and turn off the projector. And that’s ignoring the fact that Eli Navarro was present and if his reaction wasn’t immediately similar to Logan’s at seeing this plastered o screen, then he’s out of character too.

The Boy fanwanked that Wallace took so long getting to the projector because he couldn’t get beyond the thugs - and Logan taking them out gave him the opportunity to slip by. But there was still a lot of tape that got aired, considering that Veronica does have allies in her class - not even her main army, but just people like Corny who wouldn’t have thought this was cool and would have tried to protest.

So, I think it’s a failure of direction more than a failure on Piz’s part - because I do think the scene was supposed to occupy less time than it ended up requiring.

….Did Veronica look like she needed comforting in that scene? She looked to me exactly how she looked in the opening interview scene when the lawyer brings up the sextape: like she was expecting it. Like she’s been probably dealing with that shit for the past 8 years—not constantly reminded of it, but enough so that it no longer phases her as much.

Let’s not brush the fact that Piz was in that tape too under the rug. You don’t think that shit didn’t follow him around? Certainly not to the extent it must have for Veronica, but that’s still him too up there being laughed at and mocked by these complete strangers at this renunion he’s crashing. It’s not like he’s immune to feeling vulnerable. And he handles it with snark, EXACTLY like Veronica does.

Besides, I think Piz knew Veronica well enough to know that if he had put his arm around her to comfort her, it would be like her admitting that Madison’s stunt had actually hurt her, and there’s no way in hell Veronica would ever want to give these people the satisfaction of seeing her hurt.

And can we just pause and examine how relatively un-phased Veronica was? I was so impressed that how far she’d moved from that point in her life—this is the video that inspired her to go on a revenge mission that eventually cost her father his position as sheriff. Here, surrounded by the people who caused her to develop revenge-as-defense behavior patterns she just lets it brush right past her. The most she does is clock Madison in the face, and only after Madison provokes her.

It’s pretty clear to me that Piz didn’t physically comfort her in a room full of sniggering assholes because Veronica didn’t need to be comforted. She was reluctant to be back in that toxic environment but by no means could she not handle being back in it.

Posts like this make me scratch my head, though. Nothing Piz ever does or doesn’t do is ever enough. If he had tried to physically comfort her during that scene, people would criticize him for assuming Veronica needed physical comfort and that he doesn’t understand her and is therefore wrong, he’s criticized for jumping into the fight, not jumping in fast enough, a flippant remark he makes as he’s jumping into the fight…

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Best of rifftrax: Severus Snape

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To all the Tumblr users who tend to use tags very liberally:


Let’s play a game.

Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.

you, also, what, when, why, how, look, because, never

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"Brozen," "Bronies," what it all means is "I am so insecure about what I like that I MUST rebrand it as masculine before associating with it."

i read it more as “i hate girls and femininity so much that i am insulted at even the idea that i might have something in common with them”. like, i have a very hard time believing that it’s insecurity and not outright hatred that fuels that kind of thing.

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if there was one thing i would yell into the void at the end of my life


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i really do think there are people out there purposely trying to dilute and pervert the meaning of feminism to get women back in lockstep with patriarchy, not all of them are just victims who don’t know any better, some are comfortable in their roles and since liberal feminism operates under the concept “any choice is a feminist choice because you’re a woman who made a choice”, the most right-winged,anti-abortion, self-loathing woman can declare herself a feminist and say women are meant to be submissive,subordinate,and even slaves to men.

liberal feminism really fucked up feminism beyond recognition and it’s currently mainstreamed liberal  -the- only type of feminism (which is VERY favored by males) and now everyone thinks it’s this thing you can  consume like jellybeans and go about your daily life without challenging yourself and questioning anything that has to do with men and their attitudes towards women.

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I’m just wondering: what is the point.

what is the point with continuing watching a show that constantly perverts every single trope-defying aspect of the source material into nothing but various shades of extreme misogyny? What is the point of watching this show when slowly but surely it loses all integrity and devolves into what the showrunners obviously believe it is: a violent male fantasy?

The novels are not without their flaws, particularly when it comes to female characters of color, but at least you can’t so easily classify it as glaringly anti-woman as this fucking show.

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Happy Easter!!!


Happy Easter!!!

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